Easter Egg Invaders is a crazy shoot'em up with a whiff of tactics and a whole lot of angry eggs!

Attention: Highly addictive! You won't stop until you shoot them all!

In this adrenaline packed shooter game, you and Darlene - a weapons-of-war equipped bulldozer - are the only ones that can repel Earth's invasion by enraged Easter eggs !

Choose your strategy and destroy the invaders! Watch out for power-ups, they will help you in your Earth rescuing mission.
  • Fight enraged Easter Eggs from outer space on 3 challenging environments
  • Drive and shoot your way through 30+ adrenaline packed levels
  • Upgrade your bulldozer with a wide range of killer power-ups!
  • Plan your attack, then execute on the plan
  • Two game modes: Quick Play and Strategy Play
  • Tutorial mode
  • English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Japanese and Russian languages available
  • Game Center integration and leaderboards

You won't look at eggs the same way again!